The mandate for the Committee is to undertake a review of the province’s post-secondary education system, including exploring how our system compares to other jurisdictions and recommend options to achieve better outcomes in post-secondary education in a more cost effective way. The Committee will consider The Way Forward in the development of a strategic vision of public post-secondary education for the next decade. The results of this review will help ensure our publicly funded post-secondary institutions are well positioned to:  provide high quality and accessible education; generate new knowledge; and contribute to economic, social and cultural development.

The Public Post-Secondary Review Committee will be seeking input from key stakeholders, including the public, throughout the review. It is anticipated that the review will be completed in Fall 2020.

Project Gantt Chart

There are three (3) ways to connect with the Committee:

  1. By calling the toll free number at 1-833-245-5869
  2. By emailing a submission to input@ppser.ca. Please do not include personal information with your submission.
  3. By attending a public consultation (see the Events page). Public consultations will be held in Fall 2019 and Winter 2020.

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